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Everything is measured along the conversion path, and the first advertising touch is followed by lead nurturing through email drip campaigns, retargeting, and personalized content on the website and other channels. The entire process can be developed and executed on a marketing technology platform.

Campaigns can be tracked and analyzed, with channel attribution and ROI reports readily available for review at any time. Inbound marketing adds an important accountability layer and enables a more flexible approach to marketing campaigns than would otherwise be possible.

Create, distribute, measure, optimize, and repeat.

Core Values

+ - How would I describe myself?

We have a great staff that works with our partners needs in mind, trusting relationships, some of which began in the last century. 


It’s just us, an agency owned and run by the same group of guys who started it. That means experienced, responsive involvement in all we do for every partner. 

+ - Hard-working

We think across boundaries. Our media, and account staff work side-by-side to craft the right multi-channel strategy and tactics. Our design and technology groups then deliver what’s needed in pixels, ink, code, or content. 

+ - Alpha Male

Change is a constant, agility required. We’re the right size to move quickly, adapt to emerging technologies, and keep atop the shifting digital landscape. 

+ - Jackhammer

We constantly challenge and explore to get beyond cookie-cutter solutions to complex problems. We’re not happy with received wisdom. 

+ - Merciless

This field has its share of snake-oil salesmen. We take pride in transparency and clarity. We draw on time-proven tenets of testing, optimization, and accountability to deliver profitable results. 

+ - Insatiable

You could say we have a third eye. Our dedicated Research Group looks deeper into campaign data to give our partners a new perspective and ultimate efficiency. 

+ - Too many!

We launched our first Web-based campaigns one year after Internet advertising began. We’ve been innovating ever since and are recognized leaders in putting digital technology to work.


Account Services

+ - Brand Positioning

We’ll find your brand’s unique selling proposition and bring it to the forefront to distinguish it from all others.

+ - Brand Strategy

After establishing a brand position, we’ll research a strategy to increase market share and help your brand grow.

+ - Brand Sponsorship

We leverage our extensive network to bring together the right mix of companies and brands to optimize partnerships.

Interactive Services

+ - Web Design

After an initial audit, we’ll design a well optimized website that’s easy to navigate and simple to understand.

+ - Digital Management

We’ll create a strong online presence for your brand from an effective website to quality search engine marketing and more.

+ - Social Monetization

Optimizing use of all social media channels to promote your brands message, leveraging partnerships and bringing awareness to campaign objectives.

Media Services

+ - Media Buying

Our seasoned media team will negotiate the best rates to ensure you get the most for your advertising dollar.

+ - Media Planning

From direct response email to search to display and social, our media team will create an integrated plan that reaches your audience and gets results.

+ - Demographic Insight

There’s always more to numbers than meets the eye. Our team will analyze them and extract vital information about consumer habits and behaviors.

About Us

Small Egos, Huge Hearts

UNEXTA is an online, Los Angeles based, partnership agency focusing on entertainment, social, e-commerce and retail marketing. Everything we do is designed to move the needle. Whether the goal is brand awareness, asset management, exposure, sales or brand position, we establish benchmarks, and more importantly, measure against them. In addition, we pride ourselves that you, the partner, comes first.

Flexibility. Pragmatism. Speed.

Independent entrepreneurial instincts. No shareholders, so we put our partners first. Simply put, there are no holding company rules and no one to ask permission from. We started this business with an open-door policy: any employee can walk in, make a suggestion or pitch an idea, and if we like it, we’ll do it. Kids are welcome. Dogs are welcome. And, because management has been steady and consistent, we have been successful in establishing a culture that is clearly defined and attractive. The net result is we enjoy long-term relationships with our partners and our employees.

Enough about us! Let’s talk about you.

If you’re still reading this, it’s pretty obvious we’ve got some chemistry. Let’s grab some coffee or a beer and have a chat. Chances are, we can figure out a way to do some great work together.

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