It’s been a wonderful 2.5 years with EL, but upward and onward I must go! I’m moving. I’m not sure what this URL will become, but from now on you can read along with me at:

I think you’ll find that there’s not much difference. The change was made from a branding perspective – I am keeping everything, just renaming some things. I’ve been having a hard time branding Excelsior Lady as anything specific, but FILTH seems to inspire an endless stream of ideas and is much easier for me to incorporate into my (in progress) portfolio too. FILTH STUDIO has a nice ring to it for a designer/illustrator, dontcha think? ;)

If you’re keeping up and want updated URLs, they are as follows:

Twitter: @fffilth
Instagram: @fffilth
Facebook (page):

I love all of you very, very much!

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